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The Growing Need For Software Security

With the rapid adoption of modern technology in both personal and professional settings, we’ve seen both a rise in efficiency and performance, but also cyber hacking and viruses. This reality won’t surprise anyone, as the path of growth always comes with a few bumps and bruises in its early days.

The heightened risk of data insecurity can be mitigated through basic awareness and the utilization of securely developed software by field experts. There may be cheaper digital tools to accomplish your desired task - such as payroll or self-service portals - but the consequence for using unverified programs could be catastrophic. As a service provider, the safety of your users and their private data, must remain the forefront priority.

There are 3 fundamental ways to establish software security

1. Keep Software Patched & Updated

The efficiency of software is not based on having problems - that is inevitable. Instead the focus needs to be on how quickly and effectively the problems can be solved. Regular patching, updates and maintenance can significantly reduce any security threat, while also keeping the software running in optimal condition.

2. Least Privilege

The premise here is that no one has access to anything they don’t need - whether it be information, rights or actions. By narrowing down to the bare minimum what individuals need to interact with, you prevent any accidental or intentional interference with software security.

3. Automation & Monitoring

To properly monitor a system would require a dedicated employee that works 24 hour days, 365 days a year. In other words, without automated analyzing and security configurations there are no other liable solutions to employ.

The responsibility of keeping your data and clients safe can be intimidating, which is why many organizations are looking for capable professionals to handle these operations for them. To find a reliable organization you’ll want to see years of proven experience, an active developing team driven to improve and a service team that can explain technical issues in human terms, like VisionMS.

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